IconiConjugaison — french verbs conjugation application for iOS

This is an offline application that will help you conjugate about 7000 french verbs.

What makes this application different from many others available in the store with the same functionality?


We understand that you might need a proper verb form when you do not have much time so we made sure our search is fast and displaying the verb conjugation tables is even faster.


Our application has only 3 screens, that is including the help screen


Our search function allows you to search not only for the string the verb begins from, but also for any string within the verb, giving you the extra search power.

Available on App Store


Main Screen Verb Screen Settings Screen


iOS 5.0 or later


We would like to keep our software quality on the very high level and we put a significant effort in quality and usability testing for every application we release. Please let us know if you find anything that can be improved even further.

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