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Under development

The new version 6.0 of Axogon Composer is still under development. This new powerful software accumulates all features of old Axogon Composer® v1.0, MainVision® v1.1 and MainActor® v5.5.



Axogon Composer v6.0 is a sophisticated tool for digital video editing, compositing and effects. The main features are:
  • Unlimited composition

    You can create and manage projects with any number of tracks and clips of any time length.
  • Resolution independent projects

    You can change project resolution, frame rate or other parameters at any time. For example, you can work with project in small resolution but export it with HDTV export profile.
  • 100+ effects

    Big video/audio effects library.
  • Image relative geometries

    Powerful approach for creating masks, mappings, titles, image transformations and controlling effects parameters using 2D contours.
  • Advanced keyframe animation

    All non-discrete (continuous) effect parameters and geometry properties are key-frameble and may vary in time. Animation keys can be positioned anywhere in time scale. For example, you can put two 'position' keys in the same time to create instantaneous jump motion.
  • Plug-in architecture with free API SDK

    Program is based on 'host with plug-ins' architecture and its capabilities can be easily extended by adding new libraries. Developers can use frely downloadable API SDK to create any kind of effects.
  • Multithreaded (multiprocessor support)

    Parallel processing significantly shortens rendering time.
  • Dynamic preview

    Program dynamically re-renders and updates images corresponding to tracks as you are changing effect parameters. Thus, you can see actual preview at the same time.
  • Powerful internal scripting language

    Axogon Composer has powerful scripting language allowing you to automate project creation, batch conversions etc.
  • Crash-proof undo system

    You will not lose your work after power fail or system crash, you can always continue working on your project after restarting.

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