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IconDigiNote — special calculator/notebook application for iOS

DigiNote combines the functions of calculator and notes applications.
It allows you to use mathematical expressions, variables, calculations in your notes.
DigiNote provides convenient way to enter and manipulate calculations embedded in text.
Available on App Store

DigiNote on iPhone/iPod Touch screenshots

Main screen of DigiNote on iPhone or iPod with default settings:
Main Screen or Main Screen
Recognized math expressions DigiNote colors with blue. Results of expressions, added authomatically, colored with red. Other text stays black.

F(x) button opens pop-up menu with some symbols and functions for quick access:
F(x) menu or F(x) menu

List button on the side of the text view lead to the history list, like this:
List screen
On this screen you can open previously saved note. Also you can use context search to find needed notes.
There are Settings and Help screens:
Settings Help screen

DigiNote on iPad screenshots

On iPad devices DigiNote interface designed as a single screen.
When auxiliary view are off (see upper left switch), it looks almost the same as on iPhone:
Full screen

However DigiNote can work with screen, split on two views: List + text, Help + text or Settings + text.
Main+List Main+Help Main+Settings

As well DigiNote works in all interface orientation modes...
Main+List Main+Settings


iOS 3.1.3 or later


Please let us know if you find anything that can be improved even further.


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