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IconGold Route — is a turn based game

Gold Route is the pirate themed board game. Your goal is to bring the galleon full of gold to the destination port dealing with pirates in the process. As with any board game most of the parameters of the game, like wind and outcome of sea battles, are controlled by the dice throw. In our game the dices are replaced with random number generator. The maps are dynamically generated, thus ensuring high replay value of the game. You have to win to get a new map, however.

The author of the game is Vladimir Golitsyn, who created the game in 1934 and tragically died in Stalin's prison camp in 1941. As a young man Golitsyn was a sailor in the Northern Seas and later became a painter and an illustrator. We started this effort to recreate the game. All rights to the game belong to Vladimir Golitsyn, we just created an iOS version of it. It is iPhone only game for now with iPad version in works. Please let us know what you think, we highly appreciate your comments.

The game starts with quick tutorial that can be always restarted from the settings menu. Enjoy the game.

Now we propose two editions of the game:

Gold Route iPhone/iPod 3.1.3 or later 4.8Mb 1.3 $0.99
Gold Route HD Universal 4.3 or later 16.2Mb Allows to play for both sides. 1.3 $1.99
Gold Route
Gold Route HD
Devices iPhone/iPod Universal
iOS 3.1.3 or later 4.3 or later
Size 4.8Mb 16.2Mb
Version 1.3 1.3
Options Allows to play for both sides.
Price $0.99 $1.99


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Start Screen
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Please let us know if you find anything that can be improved.

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